Ethno Innovations
Exhibition, shows, sales, communication
June 17, 2018
12.00 - 18.00
The Craftsman Center Qazaq-Oner
In 2017, under the support of the Almaty city Akimat, the Craftsman Center 'Qazaq-Oner' was founded, where traditional Kazakh handicrafts and unique quality products from craftsmen in the city of Almaty and other regions can be found.
Within the Innovation Festival in Almaty, it is proposed to organize an 'Ethno Innovations' with representatives of different Central Asian countries to promote craftsmen and ethno-fashion designers' innovative ideas.

Event Goal: The application of traditional skills in people's different life spheres and activities through the promotion of innovative approaches to the development of handicraft production
Goal of Ethno Innovations
● Stimulate innovative approaches to craftsmanship and clothing design
● Develop cooperation between craftsmen, clothing and interior designers, artists, event organizers, tourist companies, architects, construction companies and other interested parties

● Exchange of experience, information sharing and development of cooperation between craftsmen and designers in Central Asia
● Involvement of youth into the development of traditional craftsmanship
● Popularization of cultural traditions among the peoples of Central Asia

Program of Ethno Innovations
17 June
Moderator: Aigul Zhanserikova, Director, "Aigul Line," Director, Qazaq-Oner Craftsman Center, Djamila Asanova, President, ARGO
Akpabek Gizat, woodcraft master, Astana
Markhamatkhon Umarova, ethno designer, member, Association of Craftsmen of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
TUMAR Art Group, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Zulola Abutrobova, ethno designer, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
All participants
Open Space. Presentation of the work of craftsmen and designers
Almaty Art Center Foyer
Bibigul Zhuzbayeva, Director, "Green Omir"
Anastasiya Leonova, industrial designer, Almaty-Astanа
Maksat Magzumov, master of leather and wood, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Zhanar Baibolova, master of leather, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Zulola Abutrobova
Aigul Zhanserikova
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