Philipp Reichmuth
Philipp Reichmuth is a specialist in strategic management consulting, change and innovation management in the private sector, educational and non-commercial organizations. He has been involved in various projects in the Central Asian countries since 15 years. The cooperation with ARGO goes back to 2013. Since then they have been developing and implementing various projects together, including conferences and events, educational formats and trainings as well as the development of platforms. The latest of these projects is the Central Asian Innovation for Change Hub that promotes innovation in civil society in the five Central Asian republics, plus Afghanistan and Mongolia.
Tara Shoup-Paulsson
Tara Shoup-Paulsson has worked in the field of civil society and civil society development since 2010. She is currently in Sweden working in the areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the economic integration of migrants and youth; and on the board of the Swedish chapter of FIAN (FoodFirst Information and Action Network). Tara is also the Development Advisor for the Civil Society Development Association - ARGO. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Columbia College, USA; a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Ft. Hays State University, USA; and a Master's degree in International Studies, with a minor in Gender and Women's Studies and specialization in civil society development from the University of Wyoming, USA.

Elizabeth Stephens
Elizabeth Stephens has been working in communications for the past 5 years, primarily with international organizations and on the African continent. She is currently working out of Johannesburg as the Communications Coordinator for Innovation for Change (I4C) where she helps civil society organizations design communications strategies, manage their social media, launch campaigns, and coordinate events. In her spare time she writes science fiction and romance novels and is an avid learner of languages. She speaks English, French, some German and Arabic.

Noel Dickover
Noel Dickover is the Project Director for Innovation for Change at Counterpart International. Noel has convened technologists and NGOs in over 20 countries around the world for learning engagements. Noel has significant experience an applying Big Data and social media to international development challenges, including developing one of the first open data platforms for the peacebuilding community (osrx.org). He has supported 5 different United States Federal agencies in writing policy, designing and implementing innovative technology development projects, organizational change, knowledge management and data sharing efforts.

Niamatullah Rahi
Mr. Rahi has a Bachelor's degree in General Law from Goa University, India. He recently received his Master's degree in Public Policy and Administration from Kabul University.
Niamatullah Rahi joined South Asia Hub as South Asia Hub Coordinator on April 1, 2018. In the last ten years, Mr. Rahi has worked in different national and international organizations such as UNOPS, CTG Global, IOM, and Afghan Women's Educational Center (AWEC) in various capacities. He has the experience of working in education, social and political areas in his resume. Mr. Rahi has been involved in Innovation for Change since its inception in Asia.

Regina Safarova
Regina Safarova is an expert of the Center for Economic Development (CED). She has worked in international non-commercial organizations more than 19 years old. Field of activity embraces researching and developing priority directions to be financed, initial project appraisal, project/program planning, monitoring and final evaluation of project/program as well as country institutional capacity building of evaluation. Regina Safarova has worked as a team member on evaluation with a number of international organizations like ILO, UNDP, World Bank, USAID, GEF and others.

Leysen Shayakhmetova
Partner at Todogood intellectual volunteering platform. Practicing facilitator, team and individual coach, who has gained experience from the world known masters such as Caitlin Walker, Tony Robbins and others. Leysen is a member of International Coaching Federation (ICF). 7 years of experience at Ward Howell, the leading executive search and leadership consulting company in Russia. Managed recruitment department in fashion retail business (Gloria Jeans). FLEX alumna.
Ato Brown
Ato Brown is Country Manager of the World Bank for Kazakhstan in the Europe and Central Asia Region from 2016. He has over 25 year working experience with the World Bank and other donor financed projects engaged on several development topics including infrastructure development and utility reforms, private sector engagement in services delivery, innovative financing of services, urban and rural development and social protection in Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America. He is a Ghanaian national with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana and a master's degree in Infrastructure Planning from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Kara Andrade
Kara Andrade is a PhD candidate at American University's School of Communication. She is a researcher, journalist and entrepreneur who focuses on Latin America, media, technology and society. She is also the Innovation Specialist for Counterpart International's Innovation for Change Initiative. During her work as an Ashoka fellow and co-founder of HablaCentro Informatics NFP and LLC, she created a network of citizen journalism and information sharing hubs in Latin America that shared reliable and timely updates from the ground during crisis. Both her work through her social venture and at Counterpart focuses on the adoption and implementation of innovations to solve common democracy problems.
Saniya Arapova
Saniya runs the office of the "Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University in the Republic of Kazakhstan" from the beginning of 2016. Since that time, she has initiated many projects in the regions, for example the makeathone "TOM: Kazakhstan" (www.kazakhstan.tomglobal.org) and the project "The Ecosystem of Student Entrepreneurship". She also launched the program to help children learn the entrepreneurship "Momentum". Her projects are aimed at the development of business education and social entrepreneurship through a systemic, integrated, institutional approach which is adapted to the modern state of affairs in Kazakhstan.
Ngozi Genevieve Izuora
A development consultant and human rights advocate with vast wealth of experience have worked with the United Nations Children Empowerment Fund (UNICEF) on the Girls Empowerment Programme (GEP3) in Nigeria and across Africa. Ms. Ngozi Izuora is pursuing a Master's degree from the University of Abuja. She has remained a foremost speaker at national and international conferences in the US, South Africa and Europe, a passion she has pursued with lots of accolades, recently decorated with the Africa Hub Excellence and Leadership Award for her enormous contribution to advancing human rights in Africa. Currently working as the Youth Mobilization Officer at the Cuso International.

Ikrom Mamadov
Head of the NGO "Youth Group for the Protection of the Environment"
I have been working in the organization since 2003 and volunteered in the beginning. For over 15 years, I have directed more than 20 projects in the environmental field, reinforced regional cooperation and secured interests of local residents at the level of state institutions. I have partnered with government and international organizations to decrease the risks of natural disasters for more than 7 years. I took a lively part in planning the development of the districts in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Timur Nurlobekov
Timur Nurlobekov have worked in Civil Society sector since 1996, primarily as volunteer and now as executive director of one of the leading NGOs in Tajikistan - PO "Fidokor". He has worked as grant manager administrating the grant program at local, national and international levels. In frames of the Partnership for Innovations program (P4I) in Tajikistan he provides consultations and grant support to vulnerable abandoned families affected by labor migration, especially to abandoned wives of labor migrants. He speaks Russian, Tajik, English, Turkish and a bit of German and Uzbek.

Anastasiia Stytsenko
Anastasiia Stytsenko has been working in Youth Volunteer Organization "Leadership" for the past 12 years, last 6 of which as a director. Where she helps to build the capacity of young people in Karakol and Issyk-Kul region. She integrates the work of youth into social welfare for the development of their communities. In her spare time she organizes meetings with teenagers and helps them to implement social actions, initiatives and fundraising campaigns. She tries to be a socially useful person and share her volunteer experience with teenagers and youth.
Alexey Kulikov
In 1997 started to work in an NGO. And since 2001 he is leading "Perekryostok" Public Foundation.
2005-2008: working as an instructor for local trainers in the field of "Civil Society" in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan).
2006: completed an internship in the United States under the program "Leadership in Management and Teambuilding".
2009: joined the group of developers of the international program "Training for Trainers" aimed at the facilitation of the interaction between NGOs and law enforcement agencies (Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan).
2013: completed an Internship in the USA under the program "Financial Sustainability of NGOs". 2014 – present: in charge of the "Khatiko" rehabilitation center.

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